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Covid-19 Protocol For Drivers


March 25, 2020: These days it is not difficult to find information regarding the worldwide pandemic that we are all unwillingly managing as part of our everyday lives. That being said Nova Lines wants you to know that we value your’s and the public’s safety, health and well being and are here to support you while you are doing the much-needed work that this country so badly needs from our professional drivers like yourself. So we are outlining the protocols as outlined by the CDC and Federal Government that you should take in the event that you become ill with either a Coronavirus which is essentially a seasonal flu or you are officially diagnosed with the Covid-19 Virus. 

Regardless of whether you are not sure if you have the seasonal flu or Covid-19 if you are experiencing any symptoms you should take precautions.

  • Minimize your contact with those around you, keep your distance from others as much as possible and continuously wash your hands to lessen the chance of infecting others in the event that you have a virus.
  • Immediately reach out to your dispatcher or the Nova Lines Safety Department if you need immediate medical help and inform them of your location and the symptoms that you are experiencing. If you need assistance in locating a nearby clinic or hospital to obtain testing, we will do all that we can to direct you to the nearest location. 

What is the next step once I get tested for Covid-19 while away from home?

  • Until results of the test are received you must remain in a self quarantine which most likely is your truck. We will request that you do not continue on to deliver or pick up a load to minimize possibly contaminating others. We will update customers and brokers of the situation and coordinate the next step. 
  • If the results of the test indicate that you have a Coronavirus or Covid-19 the next step will be a minimum of 14 days of quarantine which may or may not require a hospital stay depending on the severity of the virus and its effects on you. At this time we will place you in a “Medical Hold” and coordinate a recovery of the load if loaded or cancellation of a scheduled pick up. We will allow you to proceed to your home to continue the quarantine if that is a safe and allowable option per CDC Guidelines. 
  • You must remove all personal items and garbage, please leave your tablet, fuel card and keys in a secure location in the truck and in a plastic bag if possible. 
  • Once you have emptied the truck we will begin the process of having a professional cleaning service disinfect your truck so that we can recover our equipment and bring it back to Chicago.

If I had tested positive for Coronavirus or Covid-19 when can I return to duty?

  • You will be able to return to duty after completing the required quarantine period as well as being declared free of contagion by a licensed medical professional. 
  • Once you are cleared by a medical professional submit proof to the Nova Lines Safety Department for validation and reactivation. The Safety representative will then notify Operations and we will make arrangements to get you back to Chicago for a truck assignment.

What will happen regarding my driver statement and pay?

  • Nova Lines will be sure to pay you for any money due to you for loads delivered free and clear of claims or damage per our normal pay policies and processes.
  • If you are a lease purchase driver we will work with you and place your fixed costs on hold while you recover from the virus. 
  • If you are a driver contractor on mileage or percentage will will pay for all loads delivered free and clear of claims or damage per our normal policies and processes and will charge you only for Occupational Accident Insurance and if you are enrolled in health insurance which you may likely need to have as you manage the virus. 
  • If you have questions regarding your statement or pay please don’t hesitate to contact your dispatcher for further assistance.

In an effort to protect our drivers, associates and mechanics please realize that we do not take the current pandemic lightly and will respond swiftly to anyone that brings to us the possibility of having either a Coronavirus or Covid-19. We cannot overlook or dismiss anyone’s claim of illness and will follow the procedures and processes as described above as well as abide by CDC and Federal Government requirements to ensure as much as possible the safety and health of the public and all Nova Lines associates and their families. Please use caution daily when interacting with others and take every possible action to protect yourself now and even in the future when this pandemic finally breaks. 

Thank you for your hard work and professionalism, please be safe and contact your dispatcher or the Nova Lines Safety Department with any questions or concerns.