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Covid-19 Update


April 16, 2020: As the Covid-19 pandemic unfolded across the US in March it became apparent that Nova Lines needed to be proactive to protect our drivers, associates, vendors and customers. To be a part of the solution and do our part in helping to stem the tide of the outbreak we immediately instituted protocols and procedures to achieve these protections. We communicated regularly with our drivers out there on the road doing the work that was and still is essential to our country’s ability to battle this virus affecting so many lives every minute, hour and day of the week.

That being said Nova Lines is very pleased to state that up to this point we have not had a single driver, associate or vendor that we conduct business with to report any cases of Covid-19 for themselves or immediate circle of family, friends and coworkers. This is a great relief but we are continuing to stay vigilant and follow our protocols to the best of our abilities and encourage all of our drivers, associates and all with whom we work outside of our organization to please do the same and protect yourself and others around you. We believe that our actions and communication have played a role in being able to safely conduct the important business of moving freight across the country on a daily basis without a reported infection.

As we start to see distant light at the end of the tunnel we will not let down our guard and assume the worst is over even as we hear talk of “reopening the country” or parts of it in the near future. We also cannot forget about those who have suffered through this global pandemic whether they were touched by this personally and became ill, know of family, friends and associates who have been battling this virus or worse yet have lost their lives. Furthermore, Nova Lines would like to thank all of those on the front lines trying to beat this virus and protect us all, we can’t thank you all enough. To all of the nurses, doctors, EMS, law enforcement, grocery, food service and gas station workers that show up to their posts each day and risk their own well being to try and help keep us moving forward we are ever grateful for your dedication. Again thank you!

To the Nova Lines drivers, associates and mechanics we thank you all for your persistence, hard work and unselfish dedication to play a role in helping to support the ongoing efforts to keep us all moving forward because what we all do is important and should not go without notice. This is far from over and normal may not return as we once knew it but whatever normal is we must continue to do the right things and protect ourselves and each other.

Please be safe and stay healthy.