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Two men next to a semi truck going over a safety DOT checklist

Safety First.
Safety Always.

Our first priority is the safety and well-being of our drivers, our cargo and the motoring public. So, we set our standards high. We hire only drivers with at least two years of flatbed experience, see that they’re well trained and comply with all laws and regulations, and set exacting maintenance standards for our late-model fleet.

And we reward drivers for taking safety seriously, with incentives like Safety Bonuses for passing roadside inspections.

Driver Safety Reminders:

  • Never Move Unsecured: Don’t move an unsecured load even a foot. It’s okay to refuse if a shipper asks you to move from the loading area before you’ve secured your load.
  • Chains or Straps: A minimum of one chain or strap is required for each 10,000 pounds, but you can add more to increase safety. Check FMCSA guidelines for your state.
  • Personal Protective Equipment: Never begin your journey without your hard hat, vest, safety glasses and other protective equipment.
  • Carry Extras: Carry an extra set of gloves, tarps, straps and bungee cords to be sure you always have what you need.
  • Cordless Drill: Having a cordless drill with an Allen key on in will help you roll and stow your straps quicker when empty.
  • Clean Securement: Protect your clothes from dust and mud with coveralls and carry wet wipes for cleanup after securing your load.
  • Maintain Tools: Care for your tools as you use them to save headaches down the road. Grease ratchet binders with Lucas Oil or WD-40, clean your tarps, and put away chains carefully to avoid tangles.
  • Prevent Falls at Tarping: Be careful when laying out and securing your tarps. Use a strap pusher to adjust edge protection from the ground. Use a tarping station or machine whenever it’s available.
  • First-Hour Check: Inspect your load again an hour into your drive to check for settling or a load that’s become loose.

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