10 Trucker Apps that you should Know About

Having a Smartphone by your side while you are moving freight can be a privilege, considering that you are using them correctly. If you are not using the best trucker apps while making long distance freight deliveries, then you are depriving yourself from countless benefits. 

Below is a list of truck driver apps that you should look into. These applications are not only beneficial for truck drivers, but also the owner operators that are responsible for a wide range of other activities apart from trucking. 

Adobe Fill and Sign 

Screenshots of Adobe Fill & Sign App

As a trucker and owner operator,  a major part of your job involves filling and tracking paperwork. This application allows you to authorize and sign paper work in the form of a PDF file. This means that you can sign documents on your phone and send it back to the customers without having to make the burdening paper exchanges.  Whether it is broker packets, receipts or anything involving documentation, this application can help you save plenty of time on paperwork duties. 

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Screenshots of Verify Mobile App

What is this application for? Well, as an owner operator, you can often be bombarded with countless receipts. This application allows you to organize all of them categorically, making it easier for you to access them you need to later.  This application ultimately saves you from the troubles of going over a bunch of receipts, and losing them amongst all your other paperwork.  

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Screenshots of Quickbooks Mobile App

You must be on top of your accountings if you want to be answerable of your financial matters when it comes to trucking. This application works as a governing authority of your finances, regulating them and authorizing them. It is an advanced alternative to a record keeping book, in which you can ensure whether a client has paid you or vice versa.  

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Trucker Path 

Screenshots of Trucker Path Mobile App

This application is simply the one-stop solution to an abundance of problems that truckers face. This niche application specifically lays out the tools and features that are crucial to truck drivers and owner operators.

 It can help you navigate across all the truck stops near your current location, along with the closest utility stores, resting spots, parking spots, repair shops and other essential spots. This application may just be one of the best navigation tools for a trucker. 

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Super Dispatch

Screenshots of Super Dispatch Mobile App

You can also refer to this application as an electronic Load management system. This application is crucial for truckers that want to haul cars. It also allows you to take pictures of the car you are dispatching. 

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Trucker Tools 

Screenshots of Trucker Tools Mobile App

This application helps trucker manage the truck and its intricate functionalities. Driving a truck requires truckers to keep track of its fuel, repairs, maintenance, and moderators. This application can therefore be pivotal in keeping your truck in optimum condition. 

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Screenshots of Love's Connect Mobile Apps

As a trucker, you can often run into some difficulty when looking for a place to shower while on the road. This application helps you track down all the quick shower spots. It also allows you to pay for fuel directly from the application. 

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DAT Load Board 

Screenshots of Dat Load Board Mobile App

If you are booking your own loads and you have your own authority then this application can be your ultimate tool.  It can help you navigate across different loads, find them, and calculate their details to make the best decision. 

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Gas Buddy

Screenshots of GasBuddy Mobile App

This application allows you to plan your routes according to the gas stations on the way. By doing so, it helps you track the cheapest routes by directing you to the cheapest gas stations. Many truckers have used this application to save hundreds of dollars.  

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Screenshots of Spotify Mobile App

Staying long hours behind the wheel without any form of entertainment can be torture, and this is why Spotify is often the most essential truck driver app for many long-haul drivers even though it may not be a trucking niche application.  In this application, truckers have the access to a number of audio entertainment content that is safe to consume when driving across towns. 

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Final Words 

Most of these applications are great trucker apps for android users and apple users both.  These are only some of the few best trucker apps that you can find online. When browsing for an online tool, you can find various applications at your disposal, which you can leverage from to be a better trucker or owner operator.