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Owning a truck has never been easy. There are hundreds of hurdles in the way, from strict terms and conditions right down to the high cost of equipment these days. We provide you with an easy path to ownership with an extensive range of top-of-the-line trucks and driver-friendly lease terms.

With Nova Lines, owning a truck has never been easier.

At the core of our lease-purchase program is a steadfast commitment to delivering you the control you deserve as an operator. Choose a plan that fits your needs and bet on us to stand behind your endeavors playing our part in driving your success.

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Lease Highlights

    • Consistent weekly revenue stream ensures financial independence
    • Flexible lease contracts allow you to walk away when you want
    • Have a truck to call your own when the lease term ends
    • Only well-maintained, top of the line trucks and trailers

Hometime Options

Nova Lines does not only provide you with a truck to call your own but steady workflow as well to ensure a consistent paycheck for you.

We give the power back to the operators allowing them to choose their own routes and distances.

At Nova Lines, we understand that you cannot stay on the road forever and need to get back to your loved ones. This is why we value a diverse pool of drivers with varying personal situations, as some of them choose to return every other week while others prefer to keep trucking for up to four weeks in a row. Our most successful contractors choose to go home at least once every 2 to 3 weeks.

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Driver Reviews

Extremely friendly, professional staff

Drivers here are treated like human beings, they know you by name, not truck numbers. Extremely friendly yet professional staff, im glad I made the move. The pay is great and couldnt ask for better equipment. When you have an issue they go above and beyond to accomodate the situation and do their best to keep you from sitting in limbo. This company is worth every ounce of loyalty a driver could ever have for his job.

Arhur B. — Lease Operator

Nova Lines is a Great Company

Nova Lines is a great company, one of the better companies I have worked for. They have a supportive office staff. I get along great with my dispatcher. I have driven their older and newer trucks and they are running good and well maintained. I have hauled many different loads which caused me to sharpen my skills. Never sat more than a day

Attim M. — Driver Contractor

I like Nova Lines, it feels like a family over here.

I like Nova Lines, it feels like a family over here. Everyone is friendly, and I feel we are developing a great employer/contractor relationship. Another big plus is the equipment. Even as a company contractor, they’ve assigned me a fresh 2021 Freightliner Cascadia, along with all the small details like inverters, refregirator, new mattress, parksmart system, and so on.

Roxy C. — Company Driver

I finally realized what it is like to work for a company who really wants nothing more from you than to succeed!

Nova was a company I strived to work for since I got the itch to go be a flatbed driver. Everyone there are great people to work with and they shoot it to you straight. I couldn’t be happier than to be working for a great company like Nova Lines and plan to spend many years with them!

Chance L. — Lease Operator

I have found the company for me.

Came here skeptical. But the people here from the CEO all the way down to the shop and recruiters. Their all the best. They are about their money. But they care about their drivers as family. I have found the company for me.

Albert R. — Lease Operator