20 Top Companies In Need of Truck Drivers in the US

American companies are urgently in need of truck drivers. This is one of the most in-demand jobs to fill in right now, with almost 900,000 spots yet to be taken. Trucking is still the main transport for delivering goods right at your local hubs, and it has major shares in the circulation of business and economy in the country.

Looking for a job? If you’re a driver with a certified commercial drivers’ license (CDL) or a beginner who seeks CDL training, there are many companies who need truck drivers right away.

Here are top 20 companies hiring truck drivers right now:

  1. UPS Express

UPS is the leader in logistics and supply chain management, offering the highest salary for truck drivers.

Basic pay: $27.83/hr

  1. Walmart

The world’s largest company (by revenue) is in urgent need of hiring truck drivers to assist in their logistics and transport goods and merchandise in almost 5,538 Walmart and Sam’s Club stores all over the country.

Basic pay: $10.82 /hr

  1. Western Express

Of course, most trucking companies claim they have the best compensation for their drivers. But Western Express walks (or drives) their talk by having quality driver assistance, mentorship programs for new CDL A drivers, and attractive perks and salary.

Basic pay: $0.25 – $0.41 per mile

  1. Swift Transportation

This Phoenix, AZ based company is one of the reliable trucking services with over 50 years of operation in the industry. Like Western Express, they also offer CDL training for their drivers. Swift is equipped with Volvo and Freightliner tractors that are as young as under 5 years of use.

Basic pay: $20 /hr

  1. Amazon

Being the leader in the US e-commerce, Amazon needs reliable “Fulfillment Transportation”—as they call it—to get things done. ‘Treasure Truck Drivers’ are in demand to bring smiles—the company’s ‘forte’, to the customers by their service. Treasure Truck Drivers are    also expected to ship for different Amazon businesses like Whole Foods       and Prime Now.

Basic pay: $14.25 – $25 /hr

  1. B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc.

J.B. Hunt is another transportation company that takes pride on its drivers’ work-life balance thanks to its multimodal system that keeps its drivers having equal distribution of work.

Basic pay: $12.87 – $14 /hr

  1. Army National Guard

This is not your usual truck driving job. As a military truck driver, you’ll oversee transport of goods and supplies for the Army National Guard. Those who are interested to enlist in the military could apply.

Basic pay: $17 /hr

  1. YRC Freight

YRC Freight’s wide availability makes it one of the popular freight companies in the US. With more than 90 years of experience, truck drivers may expect insurance benefits and ample home time.

Basic pay: $10.87 – $21.03 /hr

  1. Fed Ex

Federal Express (FedEx) is a world trusted brand when it comes to shipping services especially for packages. This large company has created FedEx Freight, a subsidiary for freight transportation fit for truck drivers.

Basic pay: $10.87 – $21.03 /hr

  1. XPO Logistics (formerly Con-way Freight)

XPO is one of the 10 largest logistics providers in the world, with 7 billion inventory units managed monthly. Claiming to have the broadest range of transportation in the industry, XPO offers long-term careers on or off the wheel.

Basic pay: $26/hr

  1. Schneider National

Schneider boasts of over their 80 years in multimodal and logistics. They have newer and hi-tech trucks with no more than 3 years of use, and their extensive truck driving training for all interested—even without driving experience.

Basic pay: $22/hr

  1. Roehl Transport

Based in Marshfield, Wisconsin, Roehl Transport is known for their quick, 1-day hiring and attractive signing bonus. Instead of paying for your CDL, Roehl pays you to have your CDL Training with them as much as $500 a week!

Basic pay: $14 – $15 /hr

  1. US Express

US Express flaunts their edge by giving their drivers not one, but two dispatchers for the ride. This makes it convenient for the drivers not to do double work, thus saves time and efficiency.

Basic pay: per mile; 0.46 cents /mile

  1. CRST International

60-year old Cedar Rapids Steel Transport (CRST) improves their recruiting services by aligning job vacancies with sister companies to have an efficient human resource especially for truck drivers.

Basic pay: $7.75 – $13.70/hr

  1. Crete Carrier

This family-owned company claims to take a familial approach to its employees with its decent pay, driver support, and honest leadership.  They encourage drivers to have 1-2 years of experience to qualify for the ‘National Fleet’, which may range from $0.50 up to $0.56.

Basic pay: $36/hr

  1. Ryder

Being the only fully integrated supply chain and logistics, Ryder has garnered many accolades—one of which was the American Best Employers and Most Valuable Employer for Military for four years.

Basic pay: $19.22 /hr

  1. TransForce Inc.

This is one of the most high-rated trucking company on this list. They subdivided their services into ‘brands’ and is serious about drivers’ safety and competitive pay.

Basic pay: $16 – $17 /hr

  1. ArcBest Inc.

This company also earns 5-star reviews from its truck drivers. ArcBest has made it to the list of 100 Top Truckers in 2019 by Inbound Magazine, a monthly trade subscription.

Basic pay: $21.15 – $22 /hr

  1. Prime Inc.

Prime, Inc. is also a popular logistics company known for its state-of-the-art facilities, and training centers. They even offer salon spas, company stores, and doctors’ office in the complex! They also have complete training programs and driver merit systems to boost drivers, not to mention their new trucks less than two years old.

Basic pay: $10.32 /hr


Home after work:

  1. Old Dominion Freight Line

Old Dominion is a trusted brand in the American trucking industry. A leader since 1938, Old Dominion maintains great service to its drivers with its compensation benefits and traditional company culture.

Basic pay: $24.11 / hr