Get Out Of That Truck – 7 Non-Trucking Jobs You Can Get With A CDL

Getting a Commercial Driver’s License or CDL has lots of advantages. First, being a truck driver is a high-demand job. Many companies continue to look for skilled truck drivers. That’s why getting a can give you a head start at a truck driving career.

Being a truck driver is not an easy job. Sometimes, you’d need to be away from home for a couple of days because you’d need to deliver cargo to different states.

That’s why some truck drivers quit their jobs. Luckily, you can also have other jobs besides being a CDL truck driver. This means that your CDL won’t go to waste. Here’s the list of 7 non-trucking jobs you can get with a CDL.

1. Bus Driver

If you want to continue pursuing a career in driving, being a bus driver is a perfect alternative. Driving a truck is a challenge since it’s a big vehicle. If you’ve already tried driving a truck, then a bus would be a piece of cake for you.

There are different kinds of bus driving jobs you can choose. You can drive a school bus, commercial city bus, or a tour bus. You just need a CDL and training to start working.

You’d want to decide on what kind of bus driving job to choose. You can take advantage of the local tourism in your area and become a tour bus driver. If you’re in a busy city, you can be a city driver. If there are schools in your area, you may want to be a school bus driver.

You’ll be given a lot a heavy responsibility to take your passengers to their destinations safely. This is a much graver responsibility because you’re in charge of people’s lives and not only lifeless cargo.

2. Truck Driver Instructor

Having a CDL means that you can also teach future truck drivers. You can conduct CDL training for people at trucking schools and companies, community colleges, and corporate companies.

Being a good driver doesn’t mean that you’re already a good teacher. But, being an instructor requires a lot of other skills. It needs patience and knowledge. Many students learn at different paces.

If you train drivers well, they can get good jobs and commendations from their employers. This will be a good reflection of you and your teaching skills. If you like teaching and have enough patience and dedication, this may be the best job for you.

3. Truck Terminal Manager

At truck terminals, managers need to oversee and guide the operations of transit companies. Most terminal managers start as truck drivers for their companies. After some time, they can apply for a promotion.

A terminal manager’s duties may depend on the truck company. But, the duties often include coordinating and paperwork. Some companies would require their terminal managers to have a bachelor’s degree. But, some would base the employment on experience.

The important thing with this is to have a good relationship with your employer. If you’re a truck driver that wants to get promoted, make sure to have a good track record with your company. It’ll also help to learn the ins and outs of your job to show the employer of your interest with the industry.

4. Highway Technician

For people with the heart for construction, being a highway technician is also a good job choice. When it comes to constructing or repairing highways, large vehicles are often used. This may include concrete mixers, dump trucks, and paint trucks.

You’d likely need a CDL with a Class B level to land this job. You may also need basic construction knowledge, but some companies offer training for people who have no experience. You’d have to be a team player since you’ll be working with different people.

You’d also need to have good health for this job since you may become exposed to hazardous materials. Having good stamina and endurance will assure you that you’ll survive the workload.

5. Truck Personnel Supervisor

Besides being a terminal manager, you may also take the role of a supervisor. Once you’ve learned enough knowledge and experience of the trucking industry, you can supervise other truck drivers.

The manager and supervisor would work hand-in-hand. As a supervisor, you’ll need to guide the daily tasks of the company. You’d need to oversee the operations of the company. The maintenance of the trucks and the drivers’ well-being are also part of a supervisor’s obligations.

6. Truck Driver Recruiter

Another job you may consider is being a recruiter. You can work for different companies like bus companies, trucking companies and others that would need licensed drivers.

Every company needs impressive drivers that are well-trained. If possible, they’d want to hire drivers with experience. As a recruiter, your job is to seek out these drivers and recommend them to the companies.

If you can refer successful drivers, it will reflect your job as a recruiter. This can make your career grow and companies will seek for your services.

7. Commercial Equipment and Truck Salesperson

Being a salesperson doesn’t require a high education status. Often, people in sales would only need a high school diploma. Sometimes, a salesperson won’t need a CDL.

Having a CDL and experience is a plus. Customers would more likely trust a salesperson who knows what he’s talking about. But, you must have an interest in sales. You’d also need work ethics, a great personality, and impressive verbal skills.

There are still many jobs that you can have with a CDL that’s not related to trucking. Besides the jobs listed above, you can also become a bus/truck inspector, tractor technician, transportation supervisor, and construction/engineering equipment, operator.

You’d also need the interest with the industry you want to pursue. As a professional with a commercial driver’s license, you can get high-paying and stable jobs. You can use your other skills like selling, customer service, and teaching to get a successful career. So if you’re not into driving trucks, try to look into other possibilities. Your success might be in a different career.