Advantages of Flatbed Trucking

Flatbed trucking is very distinct from any other type of truck driving. People in the trucking industry tend
to look up to flatbed truckers more than regular drivers. This is because they have much more complex
work to do when compared to other truckers. Due to more jobs and oversized loads, it is flatbed trucker
is often a much more prestigious job.
Flatbed driving overall is more labor-intensive and creative, which is why they get better compensation
than van drivers. One of the critical differences between flatbed trucking from other types of trucking
includes securement. Flatbed securement is a vital process of flatbed trucking and contributes to a
particular load’s safety.

Who is a Flatbed Driver?

To be an authorized flatbed driver, you must obtain a CDL Class A license. This license allows people to
get behind the wheels of tractor-trailers. A flatbed is a specific type of trailer and the reason why you
call it a flatbed is because it’s straightened out the bottom floor on the rear. Behind the flatbed, you can
place any load or cargo you please.

Group of Nova Lines flatbed truck drivers standing in front of their semi trucks
Nova Lines qualified veteran flatbed drivers have years of
experience and CDL training at hand.

Not to mention, there are no walls or ceilings on the flatbed. There are no boundaries securing the
flatbed of the truck because this is where you strap the freight. To put the shipment on top of the
flatbed, you need to load the cargo from the side of the truck. Therefore, any boundaries or
obstructions securing the flatbed will obstruct the shipment.

Usually, flatbed truck drivers are hauling different sizes of loads. This means it is not common for the
flatbed to look similar to an average palletized box van trailer. Palletized box-type trailers are, however,
the more common type of tractor-trailers that people commonly find on the roads.

It would be best if you kept in mind that flatbed trailers are more versatile. Basic flatbed trailers hail
many different types of cargo, regardless of their shape and size. Flatbed trailers make excellent vehicles
for picking up awkwardly shaped cargo because you can load the trailer from the side.

Not to mention, they can also move freight safely with the help of containers and secured straps. You
can use forklifts to lift containers on top of the flatbeds easily. Therefore, you can easily use flatbeds to
move the equipment from point A to point B, whether it is fragile furniture, construction equipment,
drywall, or anything else.

Higher Pay

On average, Flatbed drivers make more money, and the reason for this is that they have to do more
work. When you are driving a flatbed, you will be dealing with unpredictable situations and a diverse
range of cargo. This uncertainty requires a higher level of effort and expertise.

This additional effort and skills mean higher pay for the flatbed operators—one of the essential skills you
need when flatbed trucking is strapping or securement. Flatbed driving offers more opportunities to
enjoy and indulge in adventure despite the other work.

You will make more money and be able to transport different things. Flatbeds are exposed to other
construction sites and warehousing, along with a much more diverse work. In comparison to the van
driver, this is a lot more work.

There are a number of reasons why truckers will be securing a much higher pay when they are flatbed
trucking. One of the reasons why they are able to do this is because they get jobs all year round, and on
top of that, they are able to move different kinds of freight as well.

Since they spend more time on the road, and they get paid by the hour, it means that they can generate
more income simply by outworking other types of truckers. Moreover, since they get more
opportunities to carry high paying loads, they often get to carry luxury cars, hazardous liquids, and
fragile furniture.

Flatbed Securement

Flatbed strapping means you must use chains and straps to secure your load. The reason why this can be
a challenging endeavor for truckers is that some of the shipments are oddly shaped. When strapping an
awkwardly shaped cargo, you need to be precise with how you will handle the straps and how you align
the equipment.

You also have to make critical decisions, such as the choice of a strap that you will use. If you pick the
wrong strap and go with the incorrect strapping technique, you can end up causing damage to the load.
This damage can be complicated to recover from and lead to significant losses for you and the carrier
you work for.

Ultimately, the condition of the equipment you are moving comes down to how well you can strap your
equipment to the back of your flatbed. This means that truckers can sometimes need to get very
creative and careful when they are tying down the load.

You also want to ensure that as you drive at high speeds on the road, nothing falls from your tractor-
trailer. Suppose the equipment happens to fall from the trailer. In that case, you will not only list the
delivery, but you will also be responsible for any damages to the passengers driving alongside you on
the road.

Flatbed securement refers to flatbed strapping. Straps secure any load on the trailer from one side to
the other. They go through a particular rub rail, and the hook can either connect to the rub rail or go
underneath. There are also different kinds of straps in the market.
On the one side, truckers will have to connect to the rub rail, and on the other side, where you have the
excess, you will have winches. You can secure any load from both sides, and when you tighten down on
the winch side, that will be the end with pressure. Overall, when you look at the skills and risks involved
in flatbed securement, the high amount of pay starts to become justified.

Keeps You Active

Trucking is a sedentary job, and due to long hours of inactivity by the truck drivers, it can bring about
some fair share of health issues. When it comes to flatbed trucking, you are responsible in making sure
that the equipment on the truck is safely and securely tied down on the trailer. This involves being
active, lifting heavy metal straps and throwing them across the trailer.
Furthermore, it can also sometimes involve lifting the equipment and placing it on top of the flatbed by
yourself. Therefore, you may not have to take additional exercise steps to stay healthy when driving a
flatbed, because the nature of the job can be equivalent to a good workout.

Imposes Safety

Not to mention, flatbed trucking is a year round job, which means that it will keep you active against any
adverse weather that you happen to face. Regardless of whether it is raining, snowing, or freezing,
flatbed trucking will require you to stay vigilant and resistant to the weather. Preparedness will be key
when driving a flatbed.

Without being cautious of the right steps to take before extreme weather arrives, you can fail drastically
in being a year-round flatbed trucker. Another way it keeps truckers active is by enforcing truckers to
learn more about strapping techniques and handling cargo equipment. When driving a van, all you have
to do is back up into the cargo loading space while a worker pushes the equipment into the truck.

More Accustomed With Tools

As a flatbed driver, it is your responsibility to secure the load. Therefore, when you are loading the
trailer, you could be using a variety of tools and equipments, depending on the type of the freight. You
could be using straps, binders, chains, step decks, levelers and more.

Ultimately, you will be working with things you would not usually work with if you were driving a van.
Knowing how to handle these tools are the only way you will be able to safely secure your load. Overall,
all of these tools take energy from you. It is therefore a very physical task.

Gateway to Oversized Loads

Flatbed trucking is overall essential if you want to get your hands on oversized loads since they pay well.
With creative strapping techniques and a functioning flatbed at hand, you can make a good pay if you
move an oversized load from one point to the next.

Even though securing a heavier load will require more work and a higher level of risk, it will still account
for a better pay. The riskier the freight, the more you receive compensation, making flatbed trucking an
incredible gateway for oversized loads.

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