CDL Truck Driver Jobs that Pay Lucrative Compensation

CDL truck driver jobs are lucrative depending on their category. A truck driver can earn as much as a six-figure compensation that is either paid by the load, by the mile or hourly.

However, this job requires specialized training and license. You need to obtain a commercial driver’s license and undergo CDL training to qualify.

Sometimes, a CDL truck driver needs more than a CDL for a specialized truck driving job. An OTR experience is also mandatory in a more complicated task.

There are more than ten CDL truck driver jobs with various specializations. A company driver or owner operator perform these jobs. So, if you want to pursue this career, here are the different jobs you may encounter.

Flat Bed Driver

This job requires transportation and hauling of assorted products from places to places. Usually, these products may involve steel pipes, lumber, and other construction materials.

As a flatbed driver, you need physical strength so that you can secure and tie the materials for safe transportation. Often, the rate for this job is hourly, percentage or paid by the mile.

Auto Hauling Job

This job is hauling of vehicles such as cars, RVs, motorcycles to another destination. Being a mechanic has a significant advantage if you want this job.

Before loading the car or any vehicle, you need to check if all the vehicles are in great shape. Although checking isn’t your primary responsibility, it’s a precaution on your part to know about cars and quality.

Boat Hauling Job

Boat hauling involves the transport of boats that range from 10-foot to 60-foot long.  Computation of rates includes miles traveled and the width of the boat transported.

Low boy trailer is specialized equipment required for this kind of job. Often, you use a half truck to attach this trailer for the hauling job.

LTL Truck Driving Job

Less-than-a-truckload is a localized truck driving job. This truck driving job is excellent for customers who don’t have the budget for a full truckload.

Often, one trailer contains different commodities from different customers. Alternatively, you transport goods from one customer to another.

Dry Goods Truck Driver

The number one priority of this job to deliver goods on time using a container van. The commodities involved are dry goods that are either perishable or non-perishable.

Trucks required for this job often have a tail lift or curtain side for easy unloading of goods. This job is one of the entry-levels, perfect for beginners.

Reefer Driver

Aside from CDL training, the requirement for this job is a refrigerated trailer with insulated floors, doors, and walls.

You deliver and transport frozen goods or any temperature-sensitive products. To deliver the goods in excellent condition, the capacity of the truck to control temperature during the travel is essential.


Your potential customers in this job are families who are moving. You transport their furniture, beds, and other personal effects.

Local Driver

This job is limited to the local areas where you live. From time to time, local truck drivers travel from one state to another. However, they return to their home destination daily.

When you travel interstate, it’s often one state away from your original destination. This job is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to be away for days.

Regional Driver

Contrary to a local driver, this job requires transportation and delivery of goods to several states. You might be away for a few days.

Long-haul Driver

This job refers to the transportation of goods for a thousand miles. You might be away from home for weeks or even months.

Since it requires long hours and miles of travel, a truck driver can partner with another one. This team driving is essential so that you can deliver the goods promptly. Two drivers can cover more mileage than a single driver.

Team Truck Driver

Teams transport goods, which require two to several people. The number of team members depends on the delivery requirement.

Often, teams involve spouses or company drivers. Team driving is sometimes a mandatory requirement for long haul driving jobs.


This job requires to deliver consumable products. These products may include foods such as milk, sugar, flour or non-food and hazardous materials such as diesel, crude oil, and cement.

Hauling of hazardous materials requires specialized training and certifications. You must be knowledgeable in transporting highly flammable products and undergo specialized training for transporting liquid products

Vocational Drivers

Like local drivers, you are limited to your state. Often, this job involves driving a dump truck, cement mixer, or garbage truck.

Some companies only require a professional driver’s license. This job doesn’t require long travel. Perhaps, this job is the simplest among truck driving.

If you want to pursue a truck driving career, this job is one of the easiest to obtain experiences. Remember, many companies require OTR experience.

BullRack Driver

Bullrack driving job is either regional or local. You transport livestock and cattle from one state to several states.

This type of job requires a special license other than CDL training. Some companies seek OTR experience related to livestock transport.

Bottom Line

Whatever truck driving career or services you offer, CDL training is an essential requirement. You must pass this training before becoming a CDL truck driver.  Aside from this license, there are things you should remember.

  • One, you should master is time management. Every delivery is critical. As a CDL truck driver, you should be time-efficient, especially if you’re dealing with perishable goods.
  • Two, you should be ready to drive on all sorts of weather. Whether it’s raining or snowing, transportation of the products on time is critical.
  • Three, truck driving is delivering the goods in excellent order. Thus, it requires careful driving.
  • Four, truck driving is a lucrative job, but it requires courage. CDL training isn’t enough if you aren’t strong enough, physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  • Lastly, you need to know about first aid and other survival skills in cases of emergencies.