Is truck driving a viable option in regards to introverts

Is truck driving a viable option in regards to introverts

Truck Driving: A Possible Profession For Introverts

If there’s a job where an employee gets to travel around their designated area, truck driving is a good choice. According to most truck drivers, anyone who likes driving and do some sight-seeing would enjoy the nature of work that this job has to offer. Most of the time is spent driving on the road alone, and introverts are the most suitable type of people who jobs that require the ability to handle the feeling of solitude.

Here are some points as to why truck driving can be an enjoyable job for introverts:

Less Interaction, More Driving

Majority of the jobs today requires constant communication and excellent socializing skills, but company truck drivers are only required to report to their bosses when for example, the company truck needs a maintenance check or something has to be replaced. There are also a lot of on-the-road tasks that seem risky to accomplish due to various reasons. A common example is usually due to stormy weather. Truck drivers do not have the authority to cancel any of their responsibilities, but they still have the right to protect themselves from possible work-related injuries. Lastly, work is already finished for the day and tomorrow’s agenda is different than usual. Even the slightest changes in a week’s schedule require a short and brief meeting with a team leader.


Work Independence

Corporate work has a lot of strict rules that every employee must follow or else they will face the consequences. Being a truck driver on the other hand, is the complete opposite with the exception of the need to meet deadlines. It is a job where introverts don’t need to worry about what people think of their ways in handling their tasks. They can go for a quick smoke or buy coffee and snacks to stay awake during deliveries without any supervisor in sight or see shortcuts and plan some routes that make their job easier and faster to accomplish. They can do all these without the need to ask for permission or process so much paperwork. Making a schedule and applying time management skills will be the guide to finishing designated tasks too.

A High Paying Entry-level Job With Possible Incentives

You might be asking about how financial problems and introversion may be related? Well, introverted or not, we all have bills to pay. Truck driving is a job where you’ll need to have your Commercial Driver’s License and decide on the type of truck that you’d like to complete by attending training/driving lessons. Those who are just starting out a career would do everything for work experience and high basic pay, and truck driving is an amenable choice for starters. As for the incentives, it will depend on what the company has to offer and this is how employers show that there’s a guaranteed career growth for all of their employees.


There’s a good side and a bad side when it comes to staying committed with a job that you are not yet familiar with. Irregular schedules in this line of work may be unhealthy and unavoidable but introverts have their own coping mechanisms and most of them are aimed to deal with their stress levels. It depends on how much the driver enjoys his rounds with only the radio and his phone to serve as his form of entertainment. Staying committed to an extent may possibly drain a person instead of motivate them, and it shows on a person’s behavior at work over time. In the end, the drivers should know up to what degree of isolation from their family they are able to take. Sudden invites will most likely be turned down too.

In conclusion, truck driving is a career that is able to cater to what most introverts look for in a job. As active listeners, truck drivers are able to absorb information quickly and they do the job ASAP. Many introverts rely on their self-motivating abilities, and it could be anything. Some people read books to pass the time, some engage in card games whenever they find themselves looking back on something that they shouldn’t even be dwelling on, and a strong trait of that ability is needed to handle the “feeling of loneliness” that truck drivers experience for being out on the roads for a lengthy amount of time. Introverts may be seen as rude for suddenly walking away or preferring to stay in places that have less or no people around. Recharging energy is crucial for everyone and introverted people are not an exception. Just like how truck drivers are used to the nature of being alone and taking their time to appreciate the views around city, Introverts do the same except they have to stay in one place and do whatever they feel like in order to feel recharged. Demanding jobs can cause a huge amount of stress and introverts get tired easily. Being a truck driver can provide some alone time for thinking and slowly but clearly ease your mind in order to provide great results. Truck drivers may not look like it but they give a hundred percent of their energy into their everyday work, but also take the time to enjoy the simple things in life that they encounter. Being themselves while working, not thinking too much of what’s going to happen tomorrow brings less stress to the brain. Truck drivers can be referred to as “chill people” since they simply want the best out of their life, living an honest job. They don’t try too hard to socialize with people when they don’t feel the need to. Introverts hate dealing with complicated things, but they at least try to understand the situation before giving a response. It can be hard to save some energy while traveling, so it’s important to detach yourself from reality even if it’s only for 10 or 20 minutes. It is the recommended “power nap” that doctors recommend. With this certain behavior, it is not far that being a truck driver is one of the most suitable jobs for introverted people.