The highest Paying Truck Driving Jobs in America

Learn about the highest paying truck driving jobs in America

Despite the perils of the job, many still choose a truck driving as a career. Some do it because they have the skills. Others do it for their love of truck driving. But, the majority do it because of the income.

Truck driving jobs are lucrative, and highly skilled truck drivers can earn five to six figures in a year. However, not all driving jobs pay well. You need to tap the highest paying driving job niche to get your maximum earning potential.


Top ten highest paying truck driving jobs

Whether you are working as a truck driver in a private company or a third party trucker, you can maximize your earning potential if you know which niche to look for.

Listed are the top ten highest paying truck driving jobs that you can consider doing:

Truck Driver/Operator

Nothing beats being your own boss. Some truck drivers buy their own truck and act as third party logistics (3PL) for some companies.

Big corporations with very wide distribution requirements sometimes need to outsource their logistics and distribution.

Independent truck drivers are also usually the owners of their trucks and can negotiate with big companies to act as a third party trucker. Their main service is to transport the goods point to point. The truck is hired by companies to transport the goods, but ownership of the truck remains with the operators/owners or drivers.

Third party truckers may own several trucks to use in transporting goods. This is different from transport leasing.

One of the main advantages of driving your own truck is you can bring your spouse for the drive. Because you own the truck, you have the freedom to choose which type of cargo you carry.

Downside is you carry the burden of all expenses. Of course, you can cover some expenses within your contract.

Truck Driving Instructor

If driving over long periods of hours is not for you, you can work as a truck-driving instructor. You can work in truck driving schools and become a teacher. You get to stay in one place, be with your family, and still get to drive.

One disadvantage of this is the monotony of the job. If you are a truck driver who is used to traveling, being an instructor can be boring.

Icy Road Driver

Icy road driver literally means driving on ice. Icy road drivers will deliver their cargo despite the dangerous icy road conditions.

One of the highest paying truck driving jobs in the field, you can earn as much as six figures in just two months.

Icy road drivers are very much in demand during the winter season. The downside is this job is mostly seasonal.

Vehicle Transport Driver

These truck drivers either transport vehicles for delivery or pull out. Car manufacturers and dealers require the services of truck drivers to transport the vehicles they sell on the market and tow out damaged ones.

The more luxurious the car, the higher the payout. This job is a bit risky because you have to transport several cars using an open hauler.

Oversized Truck Driver

These are truck drivers that drive wide trucks such as container vans. This requires special training and a license. Driving this type of truck requires wide areas of turn, and if you do not have the skills to do it, you might likely end up having an accident.

The downside to this is the long travel time, which would keep you away from home for long periods.


Recruiters are people who connect truck drivers to companies requiring their services. They usually have a pool of truck drivers that they can dispatch to companies who require truck driving services at any given time.

The best person for the job is someone who has established contacts with companies and truck drivers. The job requires very little cost, but it offers a lucrative payout. The only investment you need is your database of contacts.

This job is perfect for retiring truck drivers or dispatchers.

Hazmat Trucking

Hazmat means hazardous materials. This is the most dangerous driving job, but also one of the highest paying among the truck driving jobs.

This is similar to tanker hauling, except the goods inside the truck are hazardous chemicals and materials. This requires long work hours, so it takes time away from home. Added to that is the danger of carrying hazardous materials.

The rate depends on the type of hazardous materials you will carry and the company you are working for, but the payout is worth it.

Dump/Mining Truck Driver

Dump trucks are trucks used to transport garbage, coal, gravel, stones, and other mining materials.

The pay rate for this job is high, especially if you are transporting mining materials. Construction companies are usually the companies in need of dump truck drivers.

Tanker Drivers

This is another lucrative job in the list of truck driving jobs. Tanker drivers are similar to Hazmat drivers, except for the kind of cargo they carry.

Tankers transport gas, oil, water, and other liquid materials, but less hazardous than chemicals.

You will need to invest in the training and certification, but you can get that investment back within a year of truck driving.

OTR driver

On the road (OTR) truck drivers cover a wider area of routes compared to a local driver. An OTR truck driver works for a company, and can cover routes within a regional area or can travel from coast to coast.

The extensive travel will allow you to see the entire country, and you have the freedom to choose the time you prefer to drive.

You also do not need to load or unload the goods because the companies where you will deliver the goods will provide their own personnel.


Lucrative Career

Truck driving jobs are lucrative careers if you know how to find the right type of truck driving that works for you.