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Owning your truck outright can be quite intimidating as you never know if your capital investment will reap steady profits. Nova Lines takes your worries away by allowing you to earn 80% of the gross revenues to make your investment worthwhile. Not only that but we also ensure you get freight and hauling jobs consistently to lay down a robust foundation for your trucking business.

For first-time owner-operators, who just want to test the waters, Nova Lines offers a multitude of 'Pathway to Ownership' programs enabling you to choose one that complies with your own requirements and lifestyle.

Home Time Map

Home Time Map

At Nova Liness, we provide you with steady freight and hauling job opportunities to ensure you have a consistent revenue stream for your business. We empower drivers by allowing them to choose their own routes and distances.

We fully understand that you cannot stay on the road forever and need to get back to your loved ones. This is why we have a pool of drivers with diverse personal engagements as some of them choose to return every two weeks while others keep trucking for four weeks in a row.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Nova Lines, we firmly believe that our success is in your success. To ensure you establish financial stability, we pay our contractors 80% of what is billed to the customer.

Not necessarily. You can rent a trailer from us starting from $250 weekly while we also accept trailers into our fleet that have been manufactured in the last 10 years at the time of contract.

One of the perks of being an owner-operator is that get to choose how your truck runs. However, it is advised to ensure your vehicle and your own safety.

Not necessarily. You can buy physical damage insurance by paying 5% of the truck value. This does not only provides you with a financial cover but also ensures peace of mind.

Unfortunately, no. We have committed to maintaining a high level of efficiency, performance, and safety which cannot be warranted by having trucks that have already served their time. This is why we only accept truck makes and models that are not older than 10 years.

As an owner-operator, you choose your routes and distances that allow you to balance your personal and professional lives. Our pool of most successful contractors chooses to go home at least once in every 2 to 3 weeks.

Absolutely! Nova Lines offers a flexible and driver-friendly lease purchase program to qualified candidates enabling them to move towards self-employment and gain financial independence.

Contractors are liable for paying their tolls. On the other hand, our trucks are equipped with Prepass Elite Pass to ensure convenience and quick bypasses.