Paid to Drive – Are Truck Drivers Well Paid?

December 20, 2019

Posted By: Nova Lines

Most of the truck drivers typically get paid based on a rate per mile they traveled, not how long they work in a day, unlike other jobs. This is better than those who are being paid per hour. The rate of course also depends on the years of experience, the company they are driving for, and the location where they drive. This the reason why most of the truck drivers are earning above-average wages.

Due to limited quality truck drivers, truck drivers with Class A license are very in demand right now. The current shortage of truck drivers also helps them demand a higher rate. Some companies are paying their truck drivers higher than other companies offer. Some are also giving bonuses.

Salary rate for different types of truck driving careers

Bonuses paid to the driver

Benefits of a truck driver

There are benefits that carriers offer to their truck drivers especially to those who are Class A CDL or Commercial Driver’s License holder. This is apart from the medical, dental, and life insurance that are common benefits.

For those who are planning to start their career as a truck driver, it is better to pass your CDL exam first. Get a certification from pieces of training and seminar. Truck driving is not an easy job, but this industry has been increasing demand in the country. The job requires long hours on the road, sometimes more than a typical office hour a day.

There is an additional payment for truck drivers that are transporting hazardous materials and oversized loads. The condition of the route, the road, the weather, and traveling into isolated routed also pay higher. The higher the risk that comes with the work, the higher you will be compensated. But this kind of work is often offered only to experienced truck drivers. If you love driving and traveling while earning, this is the right job for you.


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